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I was skeptical but Kaan and fleet rates.com came through with a very good deal. There was no problem. I highly recommend them. They saved me money and got me the exact vehicle I wanted. Use them with confidence.

-Dudley Spangler, Isle of Palms, SC — 2013 Mercedes ML

“A+, Best buying experience I have ever had. The car is perfect. Thanks for all your help.”

-Steve L, Laguna Beach, Ca — 2012/Mercedes Benz/ ML350

Thank you Jessie, my Porsche is the baddest thing on the road. When the dealership tried to cheat me, you were right there to step in to stop them and corrected the deal! I will never purchase another car again without Fleetrates.com. The service is simply amazing!

-Jeannine Buford, Saint Louis , MO — 2012 Porsche Cayenne

“A+, Best buying experience I have ever had. The car is perfect. Thanks for all your help.”

-Steve L, Laguna Beach, Ca — 2012/Mercedes Benz/ ML350

Just picked up my ML350 and love the car. Walked into dealership, signed pre-prepared papers and drove off !! Brent M. helped make this happen and a big THANKS to you Brent. At first was skeptical of the general process but Brent worked through the deal quickly and had the car for me in just 3 days.

-Jayant A, Apex, NC — 2011 ML350

Thanks to Mike P. and Carl for all their hard work in finding the perfect deal on the perfect car. The Fleetrates team goes out of their way to do all the heavy lifting and obtain the best deal possible.

-Rob Costello, Delray Beach, FL — 2011 Jaguar XF Sport Limited Edition

I must admit I was a little apprehensive about purchasing a vehicle on line as there is a certain amount of trust involvesd and yet this was my first experience with this company. Also this was a large investment, although it was not my first Mercedes. I made a mistake unfortunately of going to the retail sales people at the Mercedes dealerships and of course they were difficult to deal with, changed their pricing although they had already agreed to a deal which I was about to accept. I got a quote from Fleet rates which absolutely positively was the Fleet rate and employees pricing. The only problem I had was that they had gone to the same dealer I had gone to before which delayed things. Instead they got the car from another dealer. They delivered the car to my house on Sunday and took back my prior car. No hassle the easiest and the sweetest deal I have had in obtaining a car. I would recommend them very highly they do it they say. My only advice is not to go to a dealer before Fleet rates as it may delay things and secondly make sure her of the availability and that they had secured a vehicle for you. Otherwise call for it

-Brian Jacks, Beverly Hills, CA — 2011 Mercedes Benz S550

I was in the market for a new Mercedes GLK, and had actually gone to my local dealer to purchase one. I was “goggling “ information when I saw the ad for FleetRates.com. Extremely skeptical, I called the number and spoke with Patrick Teague. I told him exactly what I wanted on my new GLK, and he make it happen. The paperwork was done and sent via Fed-X; I signed the documents and sent them back. My new Mercedes was delivered to my home, with its temporary tag, ready to go. All the while I had direct contact with Patrick and the dealer. This is the only way to go. Most importantly, I saved sooo much money. I would recommend FleetRstes.com to anyone. Ask for Patrick, he will certainly find what you’re looking for and, make sure you get the best deal possible.

-Jacqueline M., the Burg, VA — 2010 Mercedes GLK 4MATIC

Patrick Teague went above and beyond. After I spent weeks searching the Internet for a Jag XK coupe in my color preference, Patrick found it in less then a day and for much less then anything I had been quoted for similar models. My beautiful Jag was shipped from a dealer in NY to my home in FL and arrived in beautiful condition. Didn’t even have to wash it. Kudos to Patrick and FleetRates.com. Highly recommend them.

-Jane Gregory, St Augustine, FL — 2010/Jaguar/XK

Thank you very much George !!! I love our new Lexus ISF. Fast and fun. Your service was prompt and easy. I had a great experience and look forward to doing business again. Do not think I will look at buying a car the same again.

-Michael R — 2008 Lexus IS-F

George M – My new 2008 S550 4Matic is gorgeous! I appreciate very much the friendly, efficient, and no pressure experience I just had with you. I will surely give you a call for my wife’s next car. I can’t believe how easy this was! I’m happy!

-Ed D, Shelton — 2008 Mercedes Benz S550 4MATIC

Thank you Elvis for the smooth and efficient transaction on my 2008 BMW. From start to end, Elvis kept me well informed and executed the leasing process within a matter of days. To say the very least, I am impressed and very satisfied with the quality customer service that has been provided to me. I will highly reccommend Elvis and Fleetrates.com to all my family and friends.

-Christine Nguyen, Scottsdale, AZ — 2008 BMW 335i

To Matt of FleetRates.com,
I just wanted to say that I received my 2008 Lexus GX 470 last Thursday, and it is now on the road, licensed and ready to go. I am thrilled with my purchase through FleetRates, and it could not have happened without your involvement and assistance. I thank you for all your help in that regard! The entire transaction went off without a snag! I will definitely be telling my friends and family, & doing future purchase through you again. Andrew

-Andrew T — 2008 Lexus GX 470

I was skeptical at first, but fleetrates.com works, especially if you like saving time and money! I did the entire deal while I was deployed in Iraq. Any concerns or hiccups I had were quickly addressed and resolved. Hard working, awesome customer service and a smoking deal, thanks Patrick!

-Glendon B, Pooler, GA — 2008 Lexus GX 470 SUV

George, I got the car today and I have to say I am a bit disappointed. Hahahahaha JUST JOKING. The car is AMAZING man. Exactly what I wanted. Thanks again for all of your help!!! My sister will be looking for a new lease in a while too and I will definitely send her your way when the time is right. Thanks again.

-Phillip H, San Antonio, TX — 2008 BMW 328i Sedan

The process was effortless. Pick your car, color, and options. George M. did all the leg work and negotiating. This was the most effortless transaction I have ever made involving an automobile purchase. Every comparison that I attempted was above their price. The dealer was informed ahead of time, and there was little discussion. Practically a sign and drive proposition. Thanks, FleetRates. The process was effortless. Pick your car, color, and options. George M. did all the leg work and negotiating. This was the most effortless transaction I have ever made involving an automobile purchase. Every comparison that I attempted was above their price. The dealer was informed ahead of time, and there was little discussion. Practically a sign and drive proposition. Thanks, FleetRates.

-Bill M, Snellville, Ga — 2008 Mercedes-Benz

Just wanted to thank you for a job well done, George. I am convinced that the price you negotiated for me was significantly lower than I possibly could have gotten elsewhere.

-Len N, Boca Raton, FL — 2008 Mercedes-Benz C300

George, thank you so much! My experience with George and FleetRates was wonderful. He gave me all information about lease rates, current manufacturer’s incentives, found the car and delivered it to my door step! What a service! And it is not all. I got my fully loaded BMW528i ( 51K MSRP ) with $0 down 12K miles for $480+tax. I would recommend to everyone who is in the market for new car. Talk to FleetRates and you will be surprised with savings they can provide to you. They did for me

-Dragan N, La Jolla, CA — 2008 BMW 528i

DJ, this was our second Lexus with you. Superb job in finding and handling the transaction. I am recommend you to friends and family After my leases expire I will come back to you for next cars.

-Ed Towers, Oceanside, CA — 2007 Lexus GS 350

We are very pleased with the purchase of our new car through Pam. She was very patient and informative during the entire process. Everything went smoothly from the start till the delivery of our new car to Canada. Although at first we were slightly skeptical about the entire process, we wouldnt hesitate to recommend Fleetrates to anyone. Thank you Fleetrates & Pam!

-Janusz & Beata Bak — 2008 Lexus IS 250 AWD

Patrick from FleetRates made the whole process as easy as can be with his availability and assistance during the entire process – from placing my special order to arranging the delivery of my vehicle. It was and will be a distinct pleasure to work with him again in the future,Thanks FleetRates.com!!

-James O’Brien, Boston, MA — 2008 BMW 335XI

Thank you so much George, who worked week-ends and holidays to find, and get us our 2008 Mercedes ML 550, delivered to our door in 11 TOTAL days. He saved us thousands over what the best deal I could get from the dealer, and hooked us up with financing for thousands more saved again, over what I could find. The dealer said they couldn’t find the car I wanted without ordering it, and waiting 5 months for delivery. I will recomend George / Fleetrates to all my friends, thanks again for first class service and professionalism.

-Dennis & Pam Bellis, Roseburg, OR — 2008 Mercedes-Benz ML550

Thank you mike, I just wanted to let you know we got the car and everything went smoothly. My wife loves it! My wife went by the dealer to get some all weather mats and the salesman we had worked with saw her car and asked her “what happened?” He told her I should have let him know that he could have tried harder to make a deal and she said that he had a chance to give us a deal and he blew it. He did want to look at it and be sure it was a legit car and was impressed that it had the P3 package on it! Hearing that story just makes the world a little better place for me. The last thing I want to do is make him “match” your offer. If he didn’t get close to begin with-he didn’t deserve the deal! Thanks for everything, I am giving your name out to folks around here.

-Bob E, Raleigh, NC — 2008 Mercedes-Benz CLK350 Convertible

I would like to thank Mike Young for all of his help and assistance in making my trade/purchase happen. I have purchased many vehicles over the years and this was by far the smoothest, easiest transaction I have ever made. I kept waiting for the hickup in the deal…it never came. Not only was the trade and vehicle qoute better than I could get from my local Range Rover dealer or anywhere else, they also did not change throughout the deal as they just happen to for various reasons at other places I’ve purchased from. I have and will continue to recommend Mike Young and Fleet Rates.com to my friends and anyone I hear is looking for a vehicle. I would definetly purchase again from Mike Young and FR when the time comes. If you’re tired of all the BS that comes with a vehicle purchase…I highly recommend you give Mike Young at Fleet Rates.com an opportunity to show you a real vehicle purchase transaction. Thanks again for all your help Mike! I love the Range Rover Sport SC!

-Curt S, Troy, NY — 2008 Land Rover Ranger Rover Sport SC

Elvis (Blohm) has NOT left the building. He is working hard to get you the best deal. I was very, very skeptical, expecially when told I needed to pay a $30 membership fee, but I was won over in a day. The pricing on this car (that typically is not heavily discounted) was fantastic and the process was truly no hassle. There is just no way to make the process any simpler. FleetRates rocks!

-Matt K — 2008 Lexus IS350

FleetRates is an outstanding organization. As the medical director of a large organization, I prefer to only do business with quality organizations and am very skeptical with online buying. FleetRates not only gives the best prices,their service and follow through is meticulous. I will not EVER buy a car without them. I do not endorse many things but this organization is professional and honest from top to bottom. Patrick and DJ were outstanding! Thanks for my beautiful SL550!

-Dr Jeannie Blom, Atlanta, GA — 2008 Mercedes-Benz SL550

George, Thanks for all your work on my purchase of the 08 Mercedes M320 CDI. It was outstanding service. I have already recommended you to others. A hassle-free car purchase-who would have thought? P.S. My wife loves the car.

-Steve C, Shorewood, WI — 2008 Mercedes-Benz ML320 CDI

…woohoo! it looks great!…I am very pleased. I had to run to a meeting, so I didnt get a chance to play with everything yet, but I just wanted to thank George and everybody for getting the job done!

-Lee K, Ponta Verde Beach — 2008 BMW 535i

George was great! He worked a smooth deal and there were no hidden fees or surprises when i got my car. There was no pressure, and i got exactly what George promised me with a very smooth transaction. I signed a couple of papers and the car was mine. I highly recommend FleetRates and will use them in the future.

-Michelle S, Covina, CA — 2008 BMW 328i

Hi George, Everything looks great. Jan loves the car and can’t wait to drive it! Thanks for all of your help.

-Doug S — 2007 Toyota Sequoia SR5

Working with Elvis was incredible car buying experience!!! It’s not common to purchase a $50k vehicle over the internet, but I’m extremely happy I got to work with Elvis since he made the experience painless and actually enjoyable. Given this is my first time making such a large transaction over the internet, I had a lot of questions. Elvis was always available and reachable to answer ANY questions or concerns I had. My expectations we completely exceeded!! Talking and working with Elvis was a very friendly, comforting and professional experience that I recommend to every luxury car buyer. Thank you Elvis!!!

-Mili S, Chicago, IL — 2007 Lexus GS 350 AWD

Dear DJ, I would like to thank you for a wonderful experience I have had with your company and you personally during the Lexus lease deal. Your services, expertise, and professionalism deserve the highest level of customer appreciation. You have turned normally rather painful and not very pleasant process of getting a new car into a very smooth and enjoyable experience. I would like to take a liberty and to advertise your company and your services to my friends, colleagues who are in the market for a new car. I took a risk of making a valuable transaction over the phone and internet. Now I can reassure others who either never heard about Fleetrates.com or were skeptical about the whole business of leasing on-line: the fear and the scepticism are unjust and unwarranted. My experience has been perfect, and I will do it again, when the time comes. Please, let me know how can I be of any assistance to promote your business amongst the medical community or others. Thank you again. It has been a real pleasure to do business with you.

-Dr. Igor Brondz, St. Louis, MO — 2008 Lexus RX350 AWD

Thank you for taking the misery out of car buying.You did the work,found our car and spared us the pain. Thank you George.

-Terri M, Boca Raton, FL — 2007 Chevrolet Suburban

I would like to thank Rob S. and FleetRates.com for taking automobile purchasing to a whole new level! They saved me thousands on my car and everything was smooth sailing from there on out. From the transaction, to the delivery of my automobile, etc… i could have not been any more happy and satisfied! I definitely know where to go with my future purchases! Thanks a bunch Rob S. and FleetRates.com!!!

-Jonathan H, Houston, TX — 2007 Lexus LS460

Can’t complain at all! Great service and good price! I’ve been looking for a good deal and Elvis got me one. I’ll recommend this service to anyone! Thanks once again Elvis!

-Vince Y, Sunnyvale, CA — 2008 BMW 535i

Aloha George, The precious cargo is in our garage in Manoa Valley, Hawaii! Dan and I picked it up this afternoon. The Lexus is beautiful, beyond my wildest dreams. It drives like dream and is so luxurious inside. I am like a kid in a candy store…. holding onto the manual and getting reaquainted with the Lexus RX. I had an RX300 before and never quit longing for another one. Thank you so much for your efforts in aquiring this car for us. Sounds like you all are are over the country.The Bamboo Pearl is a very creative color. At times, it looks beige, other times it appears to be a chalky green or silver. Perhaps it is a blend of all three. Who cares…. it is gorgeous. Mahalo nui loa, Ann

-Ann C, Manoa Valley, HI — 2008 Lexus RX350

The delivery and customer support could not be more perfect. This from a guy who demands excellent service. Please thank the gentlemen who dropped off the car. I had a few moments with them because I had to leave right after signing the documents. They did a superb job and are great ambassadors for the dealership. I want to thank DJ from FleetRates.com for the closecoordination and making the lease such a great experience. I had to leave for San Diego and I loved the drive. The car is not as hard bouncy as the BMW. It drive and looks like the LS model. Let me know of later models when this lease gets ready to expire. Thanks again!

-Ed T, San Diego, CA — 2007 Lexus GS 350

Hi DJ!!! It arrived! I did not want to call and bother you over the weekend – even though you mentioned calling when my Lexus arrived! However, it arrived late afternoon yesterday and it is everything I had hoped it would be – it’s gorgeous! You were very professional, courteous and accountable.

-Judi L, Portland, OR — 2008 Lexus RX350

Many thanks to Jason for finding my new E350 in the color and with the options that I could not have located myself. I appreciate his patience as I know I may have required a bit more time and patience than those in most transactions. Jason was always polite and helful for which I am extremely grateful. I would also like to mention that the contact at the out of state dealership has been fantastic as well! What a great experience! Many thanks Jason , John and Fleetrates.com. I have and will continue to spread the word around my office and among my friends.

-Elizabeth G, New Orleans, LA — 2008 Mercedes-Benz E350

Found you guys on the web and was skeptical. George M. walked me through the process of how you guys work and I figured it was worth the $30 membership fee to get a price. I was thrilled. George found a Lexus LS460 for $4K less than I could get at my local dealer. I was also surprised that the dealer we bought from treated me as good as if I bought it directly through them without FleetRates involvement. George stuck with me through the whole process and ensured that the process worked without any problems. I highly recommend these guys.

-Gary W — 2007 Lexus LS 460

I live in New Jersey, and came across this website by accident, due to the fact I am in the market for a New vehicle. I sent an inquiry in about a New Lexus, and within 1 hour I received a call from Ms. Pam Waters, in the Florida location. She is the “MOST PLEASANT” and professional Sales Manager that I have ever come across, the product knowlege was excellent, and the “Customer Retention”, beyond words, with all this said, I was not a member yet, but I will be this weekend. Ms. Pam Waters is an asset to this company, “KUDOS” to you Pam!!! I look forward to an even greater experience with Fleet Rates to come. Keep up the Great work.. Sincerely, Emilio Boyd-Soon to be a “NEW MEMBER”

-E. Boyd — 2008 Lexus LS 460

After going to a couple of dealerships, I was researching on the internet and stumbled upon Fleetrates. A few days later I was in the car with all of the options I wanted. Maily Cano was instrumental in finding the car and walking me through the entire process. We picked it up at a local dealership with all of the paperwork in order. We picked up the keys and drove away! We are really enjoying it. I will always consult with Maily and Fleetrates and tell everyone to check here first! Too bad my husband bought his new Acura RDX before we knew about this service. Thanks Maily!

-Yvonne G — 2008 Mercedes-Benz SLK280

Elvis did the best job helping us get the 2007 Toyota Camry at the lowest possible price. This is the second vehicle he has gotten for us and I would recommend him and FleetRates to everyone. Thanks again Elvis.

-J. Kim — 2007 Toyota Camry

After shopping around at local dealership, Maily Cano got me the best deal on a car I love. The service was extremely effiecient, responsive, and very professional. This was the best experience I have ever had buying a car and I would highly recommend anyone use FleetRates.com for the next vehicle! A+++

-M. Burke — 2007 BMW X3

Maily Cano made this deal happen. 4 weeks of screwing around with local dealers and getting lied to ceased once she got on the job.Got my car at the price and terms quoted, no hassel and no cons. This service is the best. It takes all the junk out of buying a new car. I will use her for my wife’s car next. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

-B. Cohen — 2007 Mercedes Benz S550 4MATIC

Mike made me a believer! He made the process simply and fast..he also delivered on every promise before and after delivery. I will always reach out to Mike Young/FleetRates first before any purchase.

-P. Krones — 2007 Mercedes Benz SL550

Jason and the team at Fleet Rates did an excllent job. This is the easist and best car buying experience I have ever had.

-Bob P — 2007 Jaguar XK

Colette thank you for your service and assistance, we are very happy with the new Lexus and we will recommend your company to others. Again thank you very much and we will contact you for the next car in the future. Thanks

-L Mendosa — 2007 Lexus GX470

Mike did a great job!….I’ve been buying & leasing SUVs for years and always felt after the deal was done that I paid too much….not this time! The experience was very positive and will recommend Mike to friends

-Brian Grady — BMW X5

I was referred to Mike Young/FleetRates by my neighbor after his purchase of a 2007 GX450. I was looking for a new 2007 RX 350. Mike was very knowledgeable and helpfull. From the time I committed to the purchase the car was located exactly as I requested with in three hours. The purchase price was a little less than promised (invoice). He was also able to coordinate the purchase of my 2003 RX 300 and as a result I was able to save almost a $1000 in sales tax as a trade in vs private sale. Entire transaction was completed in just under 3 days without the need for me to step foot in the dealership. I am a strong supporter of the Fleet Rate Car purchase program. You can’t beat their prices, knowledge or service. I was referred to Mike Young/FleetRates by my neighbor after his purchase of a 2007 GX450. I was looking for a new 2007 RX 350. Mike was very knowledgeable and helpfull. From the time I committed to the purchase the car was located exactly as I requested with in three hours. The purchase price was a little less than promised (invoice). He was also able to coordinate the purchase of my 2003 RX 300 and as a result I was able to save almost a $1000 in sales tax as a trade in vs private sale. Entire transaction was completed in just under 3 days without the need for me to step foot in the dealership. I am a strong supporter of the Fleet Rate Car purchase program. You can’t beat their prices, knowledge or service.

-Wally Young — 2007 Lexus RX350

Very painless and efficient! DJ was very responsive and even spoke with us on the weekend to confirm details. The best price we found!

-Jennifer — 2004 Nissan ARMADA

Very easy to do business with. Saved me $7,000+ between the two cars I bought through fleetrates.com – why would anyone pay retail when this service is now available – and their customer service orientation is superb. No glitches!

-Stephen — 2004 Lexus RX330 & SC430

The staff at Fleetrates.com was professional and efficient. I hade the exact car that I desired purchased in about a day and on an enclosed race car truck in about a week. I have to admit that I was sceptical of purchasing a car through the internet, but once D.J. set everything up with the dealership, it was no different than sitting on the showroom floor (except for the lack of haggle, checking with management, etc). The price was as D.J. had quoted and when that baby rolled out of the enclosed truck in Seattle, I was more than pleased. When my lease is up, I’ll definitely be contacting fleetrates.com again. If it worked this well with a Lexus, I can’t wait to see an SL55 AMG!

-Ryan — 2004 Lexus SC430

Dear DJ, Thank you for all you have done we were very happy with your services and did purchased the car we wanted at lexus dealership. I will and already have give my friends your number with good recomendations. Until i need another car,(i migth be interested in the bmw x5 for me) i will call you…..

-Eddie — 2004 Lexus GX470

We were able to save $3,000 off from the invoice (NOT THE MSRP) price. It was worth the 600 mile drive from Las Vegas to LA. We knew the price of the car, the interest rate and the trade in value of my old car prior to driving to LA. Transaction was smooth… very smooth…

-Arnel — 2004 Mercedes ML350

D.J. I don’t want to ge inunandated with calls but also don’t mind spreading a good word about your good service.

-Kriss — 2004 Nissan Titan

I want to thank DJ for an incredible job at fteetrates.com. This guy is superb. I could not be happier with how he helped both my wife and I. Thank You DJ for doing such a wonderful job. GO FLEETRATES.com all the way. I saved thousands of dollars. 4k to be exact!!!!

-Russ — 2004 Acura MDX

DJ, Your service was friendly. Once I contacted the dealer you referred me too, we spent about 30 minutes on the phone, he prepared all the paperwork and fed exed it to me. I went to the dealer on Wednesday a.m. Spent about 45 minutes getting the paperwork finished and about 30 minutes showing me features of the car. It was detailed with a full tank of gas and had all the equipment and right colors he had told me about. There was not any discussion on the price, it was as you said. I paid that, tax, registration and $45 for documentation and that was it. No games. I had tried to buy an SC closer to home, but would have had to order it, take my chances on the color and paid several thousand dollars more. I will absolutely refer your firm to anyone who I know is shopping for a new car. Thanks again.

-Tom — 2004 Lexus SC430

Thank you for your service. We received a call from one of your fleet managers 2 days after we contacted you. He had the RX330 we wanted and 8 days later, it was delivered to us in Sacramento. He was very helpful and kept us well informed in our first internet car purchase adventure. I have extolled the virtues of your service to my friends and colleagues. I will definitely use your service again. Thank you.

-Sukhjit — 2004 Lexus RX330

I just got my CTS delivered yesterday from LA. This was my first experience purchasing a car online. I was little uncomfortable buying a car online, but DJ helped me find the car I wanted with a good leasing option. No hassle. The only problem I had was having to wait about two weeks to have my car delivered. But my CTS finally arrived and I have no complaints. I got a good deal. I would recommend FleetRates.com to my family or friends.

-Benson — 2004 Cadillac CTS

Just as Andrew promised: “fast, convenient, enjoyable.” And I should add “economical”! Not to mention that I couldn’t even locate the exact vehicle I was looking for elsewhere. As the new CA Governor would say, “I’ll be back!”

-Richard — 2004 Lexus GX470

I took delivery of my new Lexus on January 20th and just love it. I had priced the vehicle through other leasing agents and D.J. at FleetRates.com beat all of them. He took the time to find me the exact vehicle I wanted. I have bought many cars in my lifetime and this was absolutely the best experience I have ever had. D.J., I will be back and THANKS!

-Steve — 2004 Lexus SC430

I took possesion of my GX470 a few days ago. I love the vehicle and appreciate it even more because of the $thousands I saved by using FleetRates.com. I will definitely recommend you folks to all of my friends.

-Steven — 2004 Lexus GX470

I want to thank you for providing me with all the information and advice. I am thankful for your integrity and willingness to help out. There should be more people like you. Thank you very much. You have made my car buying experience less stressful and intimidating.

-Angela — 2004 Lexus IS300 Sport Cross

WOW! What an experience. Not only did they find me the car of my dreams but it was so convenient and easy! They indeed CAN find the best prices. I bought my car in CA and had it dropped off at my front door. What an experience. I’ll definitely use FleetRates.com again for my next car!

-Mark — 2004 Lexus GS300

I would have been happy to pay you just for the the time you took with me on the phone… It was a pleasure to work with you and I look forward to my next car purchase.

-Thomas — 2004 Lexus LX470

Thank you for all your assistance in finding the exact model Lexus that we wanted. It took all the ‘leg work’ out of the search for us. It was a simple phone call to you and you did all the work. What could be easier than that?

-Arlie — 2004 Lexus ES330

I had ordered a RX330 in my hometown in June and by September, I was sick of waiting. Luckily I found these guys on the internet. Not only did they find me the car I wanted in 10 minutes but they saved me almost $4,000 and got me a financing rate that was unbelievable. I will buy all my vehicles through them from now on.

-Gina — 2004 Lexus RX330

I could not be happier with all that you did for me. I’m confident you helped me get the best deal out there.

-Ken — 2003 Lexus GX470

Just want to thank you for finding my GX470 for me. It’s beautiful. My son dosen’t want to go out if I drive other cars. Best wishes to you, your family and your business.

-Qing — 2003 Lexus GX470

The process of buying and trusting all parties involved without actually seeing or driving the vehicle, took some faith and a strong stomach to believe it was all going to happen without any problems. Wondering if my purchase was going to arrive at my house or somewhere in Mexico. End result is I am thrilled with my purchase and the assistance you,and Tom provided me. We look forward to highly recommending your service… By the way, I hate purchasing vehicles, but you made it an experience worth talking about.

-Pat — 2003 Lexus IS300

You and your team did an outstanding job. I appreciated every moment. My car was detailed and filled with gas. The dealer honored all our previous commitments and treated me professionally through out the sales process. I have already begun to tell anyone who will listen what a great experience this was.

-Adam — 2003 Lexus SC430

Your prices, your service, and your expertise have won me over. I would gladly recommend you to anyone looking to buy a new car. Thank you.

-Donovan — 2004 Lexus GX470

Thanks FleetRates.com, I love my new IS300. I saved over $100 a month on my lease payments with you guys. It was worth shipping it across the country for that kind of deal. I’m happy to recommend my family and friends to your service.

-Melanie — 2003 Lexus IS300

I purchased a 2002 BMW M3 from DJ at Fleetrates and they gave me the best offer I could ever ask for. The car is in mint condition and the price was lower than any other place around. Thank you DJ!!!

-Roger — 2002 BMW M3

I just wanted to let you know we had an excellent experience with Lexus. Our Fleet Manager was very patient with all my questions and requests. The car arrived clean and gassed up, and the cargo hauler was easy to work with. The local dealer who wouldn’t budge on the sticker price called us last week to see if we were still interested in the Lexus GX. It was very enjoyable telling them how much we saved. I have referred several people to your website because of our good experience.

-Katie — 2005 Lexus GX470

DJ, I bought the Landrover at your Certified Landrover dealer. Thank you!! Your service was awesome! Damn you saved me lots of time and aggravation. Best Regards, Glen

-Glen — 2005 Land Rover LR3

DJ, I got the Land Rover today and the deal was closed. You did a great job. I’ll recommend your company to others.

-Sam — 2005 Range Rover

I went through FleetRates.com to buy my new car. They have certified dealers nationwide that connects buyers with high volume dealerships, they negotiate the prices for you. Because of the dealers they choose, and business they generate with those dealers, they can get buyers greater discounts in most cases. In my case specifically,the MN Lexus dealer would come off of the MSRP price for my car, and the lease rate was going to be 6.5% or so through Toyota finance. Going through DJ at Fleetrates.com, I was able to choose from a couple of dealers and there may have been other locations toothat we didn’t discuss) that were willing to descount the price of the car. Also, DJ and the dealer were able to set up the lease through US Bank Lease at an interest rate of about 3.77%. In the end, I saved $4500 up front out of pocket buying the car through them, than the MN dealers here. I wanted monthly payment around $500 and Maplewood said it would cost $12,500 out of pocket up front and Wayzata quoted me nearly $13,000. The additional benefit, besides not having to negotiate to get a deal I was happy with, was I was able to deal with a great dealer who got me the car I wanted within one and a half weeks (it was still on the boat waiting the enter the US when I order it), rather than the 30 – 90 day “estimates” from both MN dealers. The cost to use Fleetrates.com is something like $29.95 a year. DJ worked with me until we had the dealer, the car and the lease all lined up before I had to officially subscribe to the service and pay the fee. $29 dollars saved me $4500 (though I did have to pay to get it home – which was awesome to drive me new car across country to break it in). If you call DJ, tell him I am really happy with the car and the Lexus dealer has been great.

-Bill — 2006 Lexus GS300

Elvis was my contact at FleetRates.com and did the best job of any sales person I have ever worked with. Not only did he find my car, but found info about the car that I did not already know about like a car built for Wisconsin lets you drop off the Mark Levinson sound and keep all the great opitons. This saved me enought to upgrade to the AWD and get everthing I wanted and more. Thank you Elvis. I’ll be back and will send friends and family

-Thayne — 2006 Lexus GS300

Parish was just awesome! $10,000 off sticker! That was no typo.. $10,000 off!!! Even more surprising is that AMG cars are known for not being discounted very much. The largest discount I could find around my nearby dealers was about $1,000 off. Thanks again Parish.I’ll definately be sending all my friends/family to you whenever they need a car.

-David — 2006 Mercedes SL55 AMG

Elvis was AWESOME! He could be the King! I appreciated the professionalism and the ability to get every question answered immediately as well as Elvis keeping his word, the first dealer I have ever dealt with who had INTEGRITY. I saved a ton on my new car and was told by a dealer in Phoenix, “I will lose my job if I give you that kind of deal, this is the 2nd deal I have lost to those guys in California in a week, those guys are aggressive”. Thanks to Elvis I ended up with a 2006 rather than a 2005 that I initially was looking for. I had the car shipped to my front door just as promised. I will never buy another car from anyone else but FleetRates and Elvis. I am telling everyone about FleetRates and Elvis!! Thank you!

-James — 2006 Lexus RX330

Jim, Thank you for all the work you did in getting us the great rate on the E350. We love the vehicle and was quite pleased with the service we recieved from your certified dealer. We didn’t like the treatment we received from the snooty local dealership. The entire staff of the Tampa dealership was a pleasure. These were regular people representing a great product. They did a fine job in there representation. It was worth the four hour drive for us and we have no problem with doing it all again in the same fashion. I’ve recommended your site to quite a few folks already.

-Earl — 2006 Mercedes E350

Elvis was fantastic. I hate buying cars because I cannot stand the negotiating process. Dealing with Elvis was hassle free and he really went out of his way to make an out of state sale painless. I am so thankful!!

-Rebecca — 2005 Acura TL

Thank you for putting this enormous SMILE on my face.Getting this vehicle is definitely a DREAM come true, and I keep pinching myself wondering when Im going to wake up. You guys have to be the best kept secret, because I had never heard of you until Tony L. introduced me to your services. Im extremely pleased with FleetRates.com, and I really dig my new set of wheels the 2006 Lexus GS300 it’s awesome!!!

-Jeffrey — 2006 Lexus GS300

I am very pleased with my purchase through FleetRates.com. Elvis was my contact and he did a SUPER job throughtout the transaction. FleetRates saved me over $5000 on a 2005 Lexus SC430!!! Great way to buy a vehicle, I will definetly use FleetRates services again, besides where else can you buy a car from “ELVIS”! :)

-Penny — 2005 Lexus SC430

We recently leased two BMWs through FleetRates. In both cases, FleetRates located BMWs that were the colors we wanted, and equipped the way we wanted them. And when we signed the paperwork, our payments were exactly what we were quoted with no additional fees or expenses. Overall, we received great service and our payments are unbelievably low.

-Joe — 2006 BMW 530 & 2005 BMW 645Cic

Very helpful. Good price & made the transaction smooth. Definitely worth it!

-Harry — 2006 BMW 525i

Lexus hit a home run with the IS350. The problem was that they introduced the car with no inventory at the dealers. I had a tough time trying to find both the car I wanted and a discount. Elvis found me the exact car I wanted with a discount. The kicker was that the dealer he has a relationship with was phenominal to work with.

-Jerry — 2006 Lexus IS350

I just purchased a 2006 Mercedes SL500 from FleetRates.com. What a smooth, trouble free transaction. The biggest problem I had was believing what a great deal I could get from buying a car over the Internet! I can tell you I will never buy a car from anyone again except from FleetRates.com. The price was the best, the service was the best, and everything was just like they said. Thanks Fleetrates.com, and thank you Elvis, who was certainly in the building (sales person who helped me is named Elvis, really thats his name !!!!!!!!!)

-Daniel — 2006 Mercedes SL500

Kevin, I have my car. I LOVE IT!!!!! Thanks for all of your help. This process was much more painless than going to a dealership. All I have to say is that you all better be in business when I am ready for another/second car. Thanks!

-Nikkia — 2006 Acura TSX

I have just completed my second purchase from FleetRates. I purchased a Lexus SC 430 in September and my new 2006 Hummer H3 was delivered a few days ago. Just like with the first purchase, Elvis was great!! He really went out of his way to find the exact H3 I wanted and to fine tune the details of the deal and made sure it was delivered to me in time for Christmas. That is why he is called “The King”!! :) FleetRates is the way to go!!

-Penny — 2006 Hummer H3

Good Morning Mr. Pelberg: Again I would just like to say thank you so very much for all of your hard work. My car is simply beautiful and I had to do nothing but wait for my car. Is there any other way in which I could let your company know how magnificent and professional you are Let me know. Thanks again for everything and I hope your New Year will be as great as you are. -Linda

-Linda — 006 Cadillac CTS

What a remarkable experience for buying a vehicle over the Internet. Elvis was expeditious in locating a vehicle meeting my style/pricing expectations and linking me with a regional Lexus dealership. My questions/concerns from purchase to delivery were always responded to quickly by Elvis and/or the dealership. Both Elvis and the dealership working as a team were professional and courteous throughout the process. Elvis provided a delivery rate that was very reasonable for transport to my residence from the regional dealership. Thanks again Elvis for your special attention, particularly during a busy season. I look forward to my next vehicle purchase with FleetRates.com.

-Michael — 2006 Lexus LS430

Living in Texas and needing to buy a car for my daughter in California might normally be a hassle. But Elvis got me a better price than I could get anywhere else and I have never had an easier time buying a car. It makes me want to buy more cars! I originally came to fleetrates.com for my Lexus LS 430 but it is clear they are the place to go no matter what you want. Forget about shopping around and just get the hassle over with!

-Nathan — 2006 Toyota Camry

Dealing with Elvis is the best experience I have ever had buying a car. Extremely fast, efficient and affordable!! I would recommend Elvis to anyone.

-Joey — 2006 Mercedes SLK350

FleetRates made buying a car the easiest I’ve ever experienced. From patiently helping with options, to walking me through every step of the process, Elvis with FleetRates was great. I had never bought a car through the internet and now I can’t imagine doing it any other way. I highly recommend FleetRates based on my experience.

-Pat — 2006 Mercedes ML350

Great experience! I told Elvis what I wanted and the price I was willing to pay. That evening I had an Infiniti G35 delivered to my door step. No dealership, no salesman, the contract was complete before the car was delivered so it took all of five minutes to complete the transaction. Elvis was able to get the car I wanted and save me money as well. Thanks for all your help!

-Michael — 2004 Infiniti G35

Dear Kevin, Thanks for all your help. We appreciate all the hard work you put forth in helping the transaction be successful. Keep up the good work and we will contact you for future purchases and referrals. – Lezurn & L’Kescha

-L’Kescha — 2006 Cadillac Escalade EXT

Elvis is the man! My local dealership had to waive a white flag when I told them the deal FleetRates got me. This is my 2nd transaction with them. I will be back.

-Shakir — 2006 BMW 750Li

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2 thoughts on “Fleet Rates Review

  1. Fleet Rates Review

    We went through FleetRates.com for the 2012 ML350 and saved thousands of dollars. The New ML350 was delivered to our front door. We never went to the dealership and leased the Mercedes Benz ML350. We saved precious time and money on the ML350. Nate did a great job and followed up with us through the entire process. Thank you!

  2. Today FleetRates.com offers over a Half Millions Cars Online that export to our site nightly from over 2750 dealerships. We have been selling cars online since 2003. There is no better source when buying or leasing new or used cars. There is no other online resource that quotes instantly using wholesale lease money factors and low fleet pricing by live trained operators. Can anyone call Autotrader, Cars.com or ebay for instant quotes? Thank you.


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